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Bumpy and Sluggish, but fabulous in snow logo 5/20/2015 msginny

I traded in a 2009 Altima Hybrid that could not make it up hills in Wisconsin winters. The worst front-wheel-drive car I ever drove.But I digress. I did buy the Sport model, as it looked a little sexier than the base. It's as close to a head turner as Subaru can produce. I do like the look.The AWD handles beautifully in this climate, in a city that doesn't like to use salt. However, the ride is punishing. You do feel every bump. After 12,000 miles, it's still stiff. Going Zero-60 takes bloody ages compared to other cars I've driven in this class. I do believe this car can easily go 200K miles.

Favorite Feature : AWD, Heated Seats, Sunroof, Backup Camera.

Suggested Improvement : Make it snappier in accelerating, and for god's sake, do something about that ride. Improve the sound system and don't use so much cheesy-looking plastic. The headrests are a little weird as well.

Average Rating : 3.5


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