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Burning excessive Oil, bad rubber use, moonroof logo 4/25/2016 Ex-TC Owner

After owning the car since day it rolled out at the shop, I have come to know this car fully in my last 9 years of ownership! I am surprised as to why ratings here are so high! Every TC owner I know has these issues. Moon-roof motor died within first year, they replaced it, then again the second, I had to pay for that, and then again the third year, by which time, I didn't want, a yearly, $1000 fee to use the Moon-roof 4 months out of the year. That is $250/month!The gasket that seals the hatch/trunk door had melted by 3rd year and there is no ownership on dealership's part for this low quality rubber's use. After few winter/summer cycles, you will have this issue and your trunk becomes unusable regardless of the outside temperatures. Trunk release switch cover is even worst, it literally melts into the plastic contrition that sets the release. It was very painful to get all the rubber out of the switch, now running without the cover, so the switch is operational, but, due to exposure to the elements, it died, and had to replace it, but second one melted too, so had to do the same. Removing that melted rubber is neither fun nor quick!The engine, on average, burns 1 quart every 1300 miles! This can get real expensive, especially if you using good, fully synthetic oil. Apparently, this amount is well under their limits! There are no regulations or laws, so companies can set their own limits internally as to what constitutes "excessive"!

Average Rating : 2


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