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Buy a Pilot or Highlander logo 8/4/2015 Brant

This is an update to my earlier review. Do not buy this car. Yes it handles and accelerates well and is roomy and fairly fun to drive. Downsides are manifold. Compared to the 2009 CX9 I owned: The 2013 continues with poor gas mileage in a range of 12 mpg to 20 mpg. The sheet metal is thinner hence the car easily picks up dings. The NAV system is useless so I don't use it. The transmission has a mind of its own. It is rough and clunks and bangs when shifting to drive at times. It downshifts randomly when tapping the brakes. The front brake rotors have warped so the brakes pulsate dramatically. One on the key fobs has already died. The central locking system is unintuitive and frustrating. I am generally a Mazda fan but they decided to cheapen this car. There are a lot of good cars on the market today and these named flaws are unacceptable.

Average Rating : 3


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