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Buy it! logo 4/3/2017 Cody

I've had this car for 2 years and the only issues I've had were bad brake pads from the factory (also change the factory brembo brake pads for hawk performance brake pads, the brembos make too much brake dust and have a tendency to squeal) and a low whining sound from the rear end from 25-32 mph (apparently normally experienced by other owners as well). Other than that, she has been amazing, no issues, great power, even the automatics have excellent transmission shift times. Test drove Camaro SS's (poor visibility, worse sound system, virtually no rear leg room, very cramped in the front, way smaller trunk space) and the Mustang GT (horrible sound system, atrocious rear leg/head/every other part of your body room), and they didn't come close. The SRT8 has far superior electronics and interface, ride stability is rock solid, engine power is immediate with an unbelievably satisfying roar at full throttle, amazing amounts of front and rear leg/head room (sitting in the drivers seat can almost feel like being in a truck), visibility is great, sound system is mind-shatteringly good, Sat Nav is great, and despite being 4080 lbs,, she handles much more nimbly than you'd expect (compared to other muscle cars obviously, not as nimble as European sports cars). I do wish she was a bit louder at idle and lower rpms, and definitely switch to hawk performance brake pads, but besides that, they are phenomenal. It's definitely worth buying, if you don't, you're missing out.

Average Rating : 3


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