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Buy something else! logo 7/7/2015 thenameisjoe

I bought my V6 4x4 Latitude last week, and I already regret it. The first issue was the suspension creaking while at a stop and turning the wheel. The second, is that the UConnect system is a pile of fancy garbage. It disconnects my phone, won't put calls though the speakers, doesn't recognize an iPhone as a USB device, drops SiriusXM connection frequently, radio has a lot of static, it's a nightmare to use. The third I have is the drivers seat sounds like a squeaking spring when I move, or go around corners. You have to shut off active start every single time you start the vehicle. The leather on the steering wheel is paper thin. My tow eyelet's missing. Transmission can't find a happy spot

Favorite Feature : The interior is nice, roomy, and comfortable. There is storage beyond my conceivable needs. The V6 has plenty of power to get up and go. It rides fairly smooth, and corners well for what it is.

Suggested Improvement : Make it look more like a Jeep, build it better, use better leather on the steering wheel, make seats that don't sound like a bird chirping under my butt, scrap the entire UConnect system and start over, make the active start feature turn off and stay off, knock it down to a 6 speed transmission because 9 is overkill and useless, use the extra storage in the spare tire compartment for a full size spare, make sure all the parts are in the vehicle when it ships, scrap the UConnect system a second time, make reliable transmissions with an appropriate amount of gears. Provide regret insurance.

Average Rating : 2.625


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