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Buy this vehicle! logo 5/5/2015 zach23

This is truly an astonishing machine. The bond that I have shared with Infiniti has moved me to become an Infiniti salesman. First off I have owned two this model, a 2004 g35 manual and now a 2005. Opt for the 2005 if you have the option, it has a sexier hood taillights and other features, like more horsepower etc. It drives amazing. We have a lot of hills and curves in Wisconsin so I can truly say I have tested these cars. If you floor it after 3000rpm hold on tight as you are pushed into the plush leather seats. So comfortable and well built. Fuel economy is 30mpg hwy not bad for a 306 horsepower beast. You will not regret owning this vehicle I promise. Way better than is300,tl,bmw etc.

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Average Rating : 4.5


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