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BUYER BEWARE!! DON'T BUY!!! logo 7/18/2015 Angela

Run away as fast as you can from the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Touring minivan. We purchased this vehicle pre-owned in July of 2013 and we are currently in the month of July 2015. Since we have owned the vehicle, we have had to change the front brakes 3 times and the rear brakes once, as well as, the rotars for the front braking system. We use a 5w-20 Synthetic Blend oil and we are always needing to add at least 2 quarts before the next oil change. The minivan only has approximately 77,7xx miles. Which is still relatively low as far as mileage is concerned on a vehicle. I called the dealership and I was informed that this is a common problem for the 2008 Chrysler minivan. For some reason after it reaches 50K miles, the vehicle is designed to burn more oil; per Technician. (What a funny man, right?) Anyways, since March of 2015 to July 17, 2015, our back rear top brake light bar stopped working and it caused our check engine light to trigger. Of course, according to 2 major, well-known auto parts store that it is a Dealship repair. I was given the estimate of $200-$400 for a replacement part. Next the top radiator hose blew a nice, quarter size hole to the plastic connector piece. We weren't able to replace that piece, because it required the entire assembly to be replaced, which was very close to a $500 repair. I can not forget to mention all the squeaky noises the vehicle has during the winter months. Such as the dvd compartment area rattles and squeaks, something on the the passenger row door squeaks (similar noise to a torn cv boot). The plastic bracket that holds the sunvisor in place, has fallen out, because the screw appears to be stripped. The A/C blower fan was operating loudly. Once again, was informed it was a common problem for this type of vehicle and a $250 repair cost. The day before family vacation in May 2015, the cable for the passenger row door snapped. That was quoted at approximately $700 for THAT repair. Then today, as I was doing errands, the check engine light came on. I had a diagnostic test performed and now I have 2 more issues. 1) The ECM has detected that brake switch 2 is applied while brake switch 1 is open. 2) EGR position sensor rationality closed. Meaning The ECM is detecting EGR flow or movement when it is not expected. Probable cause: Failed EGR Solenoid, Failed EGR position sensor, & Failed EGR valve. Yes, another expensive repair. Estimate is between $200-$400 and we also have 2 separate recall notices, which neither have been repaired. The dealership doesn't know when the parts from the factory will become available and it could take anywhere from 3-5 years before the repairs take place. Unfortunately, this is absolutely the worst vehicle we have ever owned!!! A disheartening factor is I was a previous owner of a brand new 2001 Chrysler Sebring. It was the best vehicle with very few problems. When we decided to purchase the Chrysler minivan, I was elated. I was certain we had made a great choice based on my previous experience. I was so wrong on so many levels. Sad to say, but with relief, we will no longer purchase another Chrysler!! I'm looking forward to a much better, less stressful experience that will not become a money pit witin 2 years.

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