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Buyer beware logo 6/8/2015 chunu

2009 vw cc sport 73k. Been to the shop at least a dozen times Ive only owned the car for about 2 years. Its one thing after another w this car. Im sitting here writing this review as my car is in the shop. The mechanic says their are so many codes he's having a difficult time finding the problem. Should I mention I just got it out of the shop 2 weeks ago to replace a rear main seal (for and oil leak). Price tag, $1300. I was on my way to trade this lemon in when I got to my car, turned it on and it idles so low it feels like its about to die. I should have just towed it to the dealer and cut my loss. Please beware if you are thinking about purchasing this vehicle!

Favorite Feature : Nice Interior, Sleek look,

Suggested Improvement : Make and engine that is durable and lasts,

Average Rating : 2.5


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