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buyer beware logo 8/4/2015 Chris Moore

Bought the car with 28,000 miles on it and my wife put 40,000 miles on it in about 7 years. I kept the oil changed and tires on it with no real problems, except for the door handles breaking, until recently. First the engine light came on sporadically and I could feel engine hesitate. Got the code checked out and it's was somewhat generic (p0300) with up to five different system that could be the problem. I changed the plugs and ignition coils and the motor ran better but there was another problem. Took it to a garage and have the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter replaced. Cars running just fine again. One week later the oil light comes on and I add 3 quarts and I'm going to run the car for around 1k miles before I take it to get an oil change. Within another week or two the car starts sounding like the exhaust manifold is bad again. Before I can get the car to the shop it dies on the side of the road. Look at the oil and it's black with less than 500 miles since I put the 3 quarts in. The engine is now dead and I've already put around $2k into the car in the last 2 months. This really sucks for a car that I thought would last well over a 100K miles. I'll never buy another Nissan again. If you want to see all the problems with this motor look up misfires, exhaust manifold, and precat.

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