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Buyer Beware logo 7/6/2016 Jeff

If you are thinking about purchasing a K900, my advice is DON'T! I have had my K900 for less than 1 year (and less than 9,500 miles). During this time the vehicle has had to be towed TWICE back to the dealership because it either would not start or was unable to be driven. In addition the car is on it's 3rd battery. Lastly, when the car was less than two months old the Entertainment system had to be replaced. The most recent service took the dealership 5 days to fix (and a factory engineer had to be called in because the dealership could not identify the problem). I have had more service issues on this car in less than 12 months than all of the cars I have owned in my life combined (and I am 58 years old, so a lot of them). Fortunately because the car was under warranty I have no out of pocket expense, just a lot of frustration and inconvenience. The car looks great, is comfortable, a lot of leg and head room (important because I am 6'3"), great pick up / power but extremely poor in its reliability. One other thing to consider is if you are purchasing the vehicle from an out of town dealer because their pricing is better than a local dealer beware that not all Kia dealerships offer the K900 and only those that do can service it. Unfortunately the nearest Kia dealership to me that can service the vehicle provides TERRIBLE service (and I have purchased vehicles from a "sister dealership",same owner, different brand) and their service department was great. You have probably heard the saying that the two happiest days for a boat owner is the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it. I feel the same about my K900 and can't wait until I am not upside down and can get rid of this albatross.

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