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BUYER BEWARE!!! logo 7/4/2016 Disappointed

Purchased my 550xi 8 months ago. Thinking I bought a newer reliable car. I Love Bimmers and don't wanna drive anything else but this car is a PIECE OF CRAP!!! 2 months after buying it the turbos went and the car engine started smoking. Car had extended warranty and dealer took care of the problem and also replaced the water pump and timing chain. They had it for a month. Read up on the internet from different owners that this is a Major problem. Now 5 months later the new set of problems is happening. Sitting in the middle of traffic the car starts sputtering and shaking then finally shuts off. All kinds of Drivetrain Malfunction, fuel sensor warnings start going off on the dash. Called the dealer and they took care of the problem. Said it needed to be reprogrammed. A week and 1/2 later "Same Problem". Dealer said bring it back (reprogram issue) all takin care of for free. Picked it up and 30 minutes later the SAME PROBLEM! Now dealer has my car for 5 days. Doing more reading up on this and this is another Major problem with this car. The engines in these cars and every other car it was used in were faulty. Finding that once car is outta warranty this could cost up to $6000 a pop for these problems. Plus occasionally the oil indicator comes on saying it was low. Another problem with this car. Now i see why this car was "discontinued". Dealer service reps have been Great but I have a lemon and you will to if you buy this car. Please Beware of this cars engine 2010-2012 &13. For someone who has only owned Bimmers this is sad that they put this product on the market in their name.

Average Rating : 2


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