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buyer's remorse logo 7/27/2015

One of kind styling, well until last month when everybody bought one. Let's start inside. The carpeting is a lot like a painted piece of cardboard, no power seats? Really? The A/C is so bad, we live in NY it is 85 out, air conditioning has been on for an hour. It is o.k. In here, but any warmer and it will be warm inside too. I would feel bad for anyone in a really warm climate.. The XM radio cuts out about every 45 seconds, so irritating. The Bluetooth phone is o.k. But irritating to repeat over and over, mom... navigation is irritating too. One has to be stopped in order to enter a destination.stupid so on to performance, using the term loosely, hesitation is so irrigating, no power, turbo is for what, looks? Last time I had a transmission acting like this it was low on fluid and needed a rebuild. oh, and it rides lil a box of rocks, you feel every bump and seam in the road. Our ford explorer rides so much better. And that is a truck platform. best day driving this vehicle will be when someone crosses into my lane, so it will be totaled, and their insurance will buy it from me.

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