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C300 Sport - Best Car So Far logo 4/5/2017 ADW

I've had a lot of cars - wayyyy too many. Loved my BMW's but tired of the constant oil leaking, regulator repair, etc. Decided to try the C300, and glad I did. It's interesting to contrast it to the 3 series. It is definitely less involving, but also seems much more solid and stable. I am amazed at the traction and control. After rear-drive BMW's for so long the AWD of this car is stellar; I really can't break it loose much even on snow, though I do have Pirelli M&S tires on it so there's that. I was fortunate to get the 18" AMG wheel/tire package, which is great and highly recommended. Electronics seem very solid and intuitive. Looks like working in the engine bay will be nearly impossible because of the cramped quarters. Last, I have to mention that I really like the size of this car. With everything else getting bigger it seems, the tidy dimensions of the C300 are just right for that ride/maneuverability compromise that's important to me.

Average Rating : 5


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