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Can Not Find a Better Bang For Your Buck Even Used! logo 6/20/2015 shodon_main

Wow! I knew that Toyota had one heck of a reputation when I purchased this truck used with 40,000 miles on it but now I am a true believer sitting here with almost 100K on the odometer. This thing is built like a rock! I have driven it from Colorado to South Padre Island and back hauling 4 buddies and our gear. I have towed heavy loads from Colorado to NY, NY to OK, OK to AZ and never had so much as a hick-up with this thing! It is very comfy and can easily seat 5 grown men. I am not afraid to go off-road with this vehicle as I know it can stand up to some punishment. I have had to perform nothing but routine maintenance since purchasing. It is very easy to take care of.

Favorite Feature : I personally love the ride of this truck. It is comfortable for trips down the road to get groceries or towing trailers across the US. All the features work great, 4x4, power windows and seats, heated seats, AC, and stereo. Mechanically a solid rock, very hard to break and is very easy to fix or perform general maintenance. It is well designed and fun to drive.

Suggested Improvement : The only real downside I have had with my truck so far is the paint on the outside. It totally chipped off the front bumper and the black edging around the windows is chipping off especially around the back window. I haven't read to many other people having this problem so it might just be an isolated incident. Finally not as a negative but simple because of a lack of a better place to put it this truck gets somewhere around 14 MPG. I can usually get somewhere around 300 miles to a tank of gas, sometimes going as far as 330 and sometimes getting as little as 280 depending on how I'm driving. It is a truck, and a slightly older one at that so its expected not to get the best mpg.

Average Rating : 5


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