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Can't beat the Value ... it's a Lexus logo 6/16/2015 alivetodrive

Just bought a 2006 Black on Black GS300 at 80K miles. Put in ~1000 miles driving around North Texas and a round trip from Fort Worth to Houston. For a 9 year old car, it's a beauty in and out. For 1K driving impressions, it's a great car! I will come back to update this review when the car passes the 100K mark. Had great luck with a 1999 GS300, still driving great at 260K without any issues. Normal maintenance [oil changes, tires, brakes] were all that are needed so I looked at the next generation and if it is as reliable like its older brother has been, the 06 GS300 would be a great value. It is better looking, drives better with more technology, hope it will last as long w/out issues

Favorite Feature : Overall external design/contourRear Power ShadeAcceleration/HandlingKeyless start/stopAC/Heated leather seats

Suggested Improvement : Tabs/controls for vents (control air flow to cabin) missing possibly from wear & tear?Gas tank cap "too easy" to be loosen. Perhaps new gas tank cap needed or this is designed with arthritis folks in mind?

Average Rating : 4.875


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