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Can't get rid of it logo 9/10/2015 Roberto Fabricio

Like many I got the new car urge a couple of weeks ago. Wanted a new Lexus, the ES350. I went out to a couple of the dealerships nearby and nearly got one. But the fact is that my ten year old ES330 has me hooked. I like the traditional layout of the dash and the console, the abundant use of genuine leather and wood and the classic and classy style of the car in and out. As fantastic as the new ES350 is, there is no leather in the base car and no wood, just plastic appliqués. So I stayed with the ES330. Let's say that I looked, drove and nearly signed the papers, but when it came down to it I could not justify spending nearly $40,000 (finance included) for a new car when my 10 year old has 53,000 miles and looks and drives like a new car. I bought the car three years ago when it was 8 years old and had 33,000 miles. It had been used so sparingly that the gas door needed oil so it could open smoothly. I felt that I actually broke the car in. Since then I have put 20,000 on the car and for all practical purposes it has been like buying a new car off the showroom. There hasn't been a single problem with this ten year old car. It rides smoothly, handles nimbly and accelerates very well when I need to ease into traffic atthe turnpike. The only problem I have with the car is that the headlights have dulled and clouded and I need to replace them. The factory light assembly runs $305 each. Aftermarket quality light assemblies run about $220 each. You can find them in Ebay for as little as $160 a pair. But the quality is uncertain and I am told by my body shop guy that the cheap Chinese lights leak. I plan to drive the car to the 100,000 mark - another 5 years. I believe that at that point I should still be able to get around $4,000 for car that cost me $15,000 eight years earlier. Anticipating about $2,500 in maintenance, tires and repairs in the next five years that would be $1,680 a year to operate this car - not counting insurance and gasoline. And all that comfort, luxury and style. Best car ever, as far as I'm concerned.

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