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CAN'T WAIT FOR LEASE TO EXPIRE!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! logo 6/18/2017 esther rofe

I've been leasing my cars for 30 years, my last 7 have been Hondas and never a problem so I could kick myself for switching over to the Subaru Impreza. I've had it for 10 weeks and the best mileage I've gotten is 220 miles to a tank of gas but average is 180 to 200. The engine is loud and the car feels like it's about to stall until it is warmed up. Does not hold the road well on highway. I usually do a yearly road trip from Florida to NY but will not be doing it with this car. To make matters worse this car is costing me $95 more a month than my last Honda. It's going to be a long 3 years till my lease ends.

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