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Can't wait to Drive it logo 5/2/2015 breggers

I bought this 2012 model off lease at 17500 mi, and have had it for 1000 miles. So far I have used 6.3 gallons of gas total, that is no exaggeration. I am excited to get in this car and drive it every day. It drives like a dream, completely silent except for the top notch sound system on which I am playing XM jazz. In the Wisconsin spring, when no climate control is needed, I am getting 43 miles on a charge, which easily handles my 24 mile round trip commute.I take care of this thing like it's a Maserati, I always have a microfiber in my hand. I always chuckle at all the Priuses I pass struggling to get 55 mpg, burning gas with every mile.

Favorite Feature : While not a luxury car, it has many small luxuries, including the leather seating and steering wheel which I think is higher quality than my Infiniti SUV. The navigation is very good, the sound system is easily the best I have ever had. Plus little things like the auto heated seats (yes auto - never had that in my Lexus) and and child window locks that still allow you to control the windows and the auto locking doors. Some things are cheap like the feel of the door handles and the window glass, which always seems to be dirty, but I love the car anyway.Why anyone would buy a smart car or a prius instead of a Volt is beyond me.

Suggested Improvement : I can't wait to trade it in one day for a 2016 model.

Average Rating : 4.625


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