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Canyon 2.8L Duramax SLE With All Terrain Package logo 5/1/2016 Grahamwoz

Needed something with more room and better carrying capability than the Jeep I was driving. Walked in to the dealer and saw they had 2 of the new Canyons with the 2.8L Duramax engine. Was an expensive up grade from the 3.6L gas BUT having owned it a month totally worth it:1. Around town/highway getting 25 mpg avg2. On a recent drive from Portland OR to San Francisco it did it on one tank of diesel (it must hold more than 21 gallons when topped off) and with it showing 30 mpg at highway speeds all the way (plus its 4WD)3. Fully loaded with 5 adults and 5 sets of camping gear in the Mountains you would think it was hauling just me, the engine and gear box are fantasic.My wife did not like the ride or roughness of the Jeep so when I bought this I did not tell her it was a diesel, it was only a week later, having riden in it a number of times, she was stood next to it when I used the remote start that she said "your engine is making a funny noise"Over all car like ride on the open road, pick up truck for carrying loads (same length but slightly narrow than a full size truck) and an engine that as all the power I need and then more but makes me smile when I see the price of diesel is $0.50 lower than gas where I live.

Average Rating : 5


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