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Car of my Dreams with Perpetual Maintenance! logo 7/25/2015 David Koscielniak

We purchased our Mercedes E320 Wagon new from the dealer and it was an incredible driving and great looking car. I took perfect care of this vehicle: kept it looking showroom perfect, always dealer maintained, and did all the services as scheduled. I was really hoping this car would last us a real long time with minimal problems. I was sadly mistaken. Early on things started breaking - even under warranty. Little things like the auto cargo shade stopped working that the dealer tried to fix. Then as the warranty expired, the real repair started. The air suspension went out right at 50,000 miles. This costs over $1000 per wheel to fix. The dealer agreed to do this repair under warranty - BUT IT FAILED A TOTAL OF 4 TIMES! When it fails, it leaves you stranded. Main oil seals failed (BIG repair $), the main computer fried in the middle of an I-10 trip and left us stranded because the AC lines sweated on the electronics. We hit a pothole driving 5 MPH and the wheel strut bent. Engine mounts failed. More and more small electronics failed: auto headrests didn't go down, steering column adjustment didn't work, window spray lines broke... The frequency and cost of repairs was really mindboggling. After the 4th failure of the air suspension (that left us stranded yet again on the interstate) and a $1300 alternator replacement we finally traded the vehicle in for close to nothing. I know many of you are saying to quit griping with the repairs - its an expensive import car. We realize that. However we really expected the quality of this car to be much better than what we got. It literally became so unreliable we couldn't trust it for much of anything. But it looks awesome and when it runs - it gives you a ride you cant beat! Update: after the repeated air pack failure and the alternator going out ($3000) we traded this car in 2 years ago and bought a Volvo XC60. Beat decision we ever made!

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