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Car shut off at 70 mph logo 9/11/2015 Jessica

First let me say, I love my car. Except for one small problem, it keeps trying to kill me. My problem started in August of this year, the car would turn itself off while driving but would immediately turn right back on. We took it in for repairs at the dealership we bought it from. They kept it for 4 days and then called us to come get it. They said they couldn't fix it because they couldn't duplicate the problem. I called Ford Corporation and talked to their regional service area manager. She seemed very pleasant and arranged for my car to stay with the dealership for awhile longer and even made sure I had a rental. At that point I was very pleased with the service I had received. I bragged to everyone about it. I get a call from the dealership staring they reprogrammed the transmission control module on my car and I could come and get it. After four days of having my car back, I continued having the same program. This time I had a video of the incident. I started recording the driving of the car after the issue happened a second time. I took the car back into the dealership. They've had it for over a week now. They cannot duplicate the issue and all but ignore the fact there is a video. I called the Regional lady back and she was horrible. She told me to drive my and that the issue will just eventually get worse. I asked her how long was I suppose to drive it, until the warranty was up or I died in an accident?While this issue has gone on, the car has stopped dead on the highway while driving it. No control, no power. Just dead. This car is very dangerous.

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