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Car shuts off in traffic! logo 8/18/2015 km warner

Nissan does NOT care about customer safety. My sentra had 154,000 miles on it. It was well maintained..engine was sound, except for the fact that it shut off for no reason while driving on the highway. There were many recalls on this issue and according to Nissan my car "was not included in the recall". I had 4 mechanics try and diagnose the problem to no avail. The dealership was even at a loss as to what the issue was. 4 months after I spent over 1,000.00 in tires, belts,spark plugs, multiple diagnostic tests I narrowly missed being run over by a truck when my car shut off on the highway, Took it to the dealership AGAIN and AGAIN no one knew what the problem was..I traded it in for a new car..sad part was I was 1.000.00 in the hole and owed 2200.00 on it...I was given 300.00 for my "trade-In"...stay far away from this car. Nissan should recall all VIN # it is a death trap.

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