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car unsafe logo 8/19/2015 Anne M

I was so excited when I bought my 6cylinder 2014 Cherokee new. It had alot of features for a great price and we already had a grand Cherokee we were very happy with. It turned out to be the worst car I have ever driven. The transmission wasn't a problem during initial test drive but started to act up soon after the purchase. I found myself taking different roads to work because I feared it wouldn't pull out when I needed it to. Also had a bad vibration or wobble in front end. After numerous visits to dealership they said hopefully a service engine light would come on and maybe then they could help me. About 3 weeks later the transmission failed completely while driving! Thank god I wasn't on a highway or I could have been killed. Tow truck driver had trouble even getting it on truck because it wouldn't go into neutral.That was it for me. Chrysler finally approved new transmission control module but too little too late for me. I looked into lemon law but was told it could take months to go thru the process and I needed a car to drive. Had part replaced and drove to a non jeep dealership the next day and got rid of it...and lost $10000 from what they would give me for trade verses what I had paid for it only 1 year earlier. My husband and I felt our family's safety was obviously most important.Stay away from this vehicle. Chrysler needs to do something because it is unsafe to be on the road.

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