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Caution. Transmission problems with only 20K miles logo 6/16/2016 YBR

My opinion about this car has changed since my previous review. Over 20 000 miles, this car began to present a problem with the transmission, which is very disengaging, in such a new car. The problem was that sometimes I stopped the car in a stop sign or a light, and when I tried to move it again, I accelerated, but the car barely moved, after about 30-40 seconds, I could feel like a blow or jolt and then the transmission responded and the car start to move normally again. After reporting the problem 3 times on Kia dealers, they finally replaced the transmission. I do not know if it was bad luck or low quality Kia, but I definitely choose to replace this car with another make and model; and at this point I recommend a lot of caution to all buyers who are considering buying a Kia.

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