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CAUTION When Buying logo 6/1/2015 chris8056

So, I am a college student and I drive in LA everyday. I needed a car that got good millage and that was affordable, the dart seemed like a good fit. But, I was completely wrong! So, the car has broken down on me more than 8 times in less than one year. The next day after i bought it, it broke down (No more than 2 driving hours). This car is not reliable and unsafe, I am still under warranty and I have extended warranty, but the dealership rarely does things to fix the car. They have told me to contact Chrysler because the car is a "Lemmon" and it should be red flagged. But after my plea with Chrysler they have denied me a buy back program.

Favorite Feature :

Suggested Improvement : So, to be honest, just better quality in car and customer service. The car is an amazing car and perfect for a college student or anyone that has a hefty commute. But the one I got is a Lemmon and I always break down. The dealership has spent over 8 thousand to have the car repaired and now they are refusing to get it repaired because they want me to switch my tires. Makes no sense, but I am just stuck now. I would recommend that if YOU do get the car, get it under the condition that you get to test drive it for a week or so, to truly tell if the car is a stable car.

Average Rating : 2.875


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