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Certified T-Reg logo 8/29/2015 Kimball Dempsey

I've scouted these diesel SUV's for several years and really like the older body style over the new style started in '11. But, I found the TDI's to be expensive so I've been patient. I found a Black T-Reg diesel advertised as a Certified Preowned with 63k miles at a local VW Dealer. The vehicle was in excellent physical condition and all of its meticulous service records were available at the dealer where the only previous owner always had it serviced. I didn't even dicker on price. Unfortunately, less than 24 hours after purchase the check engine light and warning graphics came on. It ended up being an oil sensor that was replaced under warranty. A week or so later, I noticed the Nav system would blink off inexplicably but would always reboot and come back on. I needed to take the vehicle back to the dealer to have the right rear window fixed (dropped down and wouldn't go back up). The service manager told me VW had a service bulletin on the Nav and it required reprogramming to work out the bug. They did this and fixed the window under the CPO warranty. That was about a month ago and after a rather auspicious start with this T-Reg, it seems to be operating well. The only other issue I've had, and it was a one-time thing, is the rear hatch wouldn't open one day either with the power assist or manually. But after driving it a few miles and trying it again it worked fine. Weird, but I hope its not a precursor to another failure and trip to the dealer.The things I like most: I'm 6'4" and the seating position is excellent and I like the front bucket seat comfort much better than in my wife's newer Lexus RX. The ride around town is harsh but on the highway its a dream. This vehicle has great acceleration and doesn't suffer major turbo lag like other turbo diesels I've owned. The gas mileage is reasonable (21-22 around town and about 26 on the highway so far). The sound system is very good and I've found the Nav system easy to use and decently intuitive for a 6 year old technology.The things I like least: Slight rattle in dash somewhere at lower speed, but with the radio at normal volume its hardly noticable. Rear cargo room is very limited and the rear seats don't completely fold flat. Harshness of ride on bumpy roads around town. Lacks rear LED tail lights and for a vehicle in its price range when new this should've have been a standard as should have been front seat presets.Overall: I really like the vehicle and although it is 6 years old by model year and I understand it will have service issues from time to time, I'm hoping the initial quirky gremlins are behind me. I well understand the love for and cult following T-Reg's have gained over the years.

Average Rating : 4


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