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Check the oil logo 12/5/2016 TammyH

Be careful buying this car. I bought a 2012 Insight LX brand new. It was always maintained at a dealership and all scheduled maintenance was performed. My oil got low between oil changes and it was suggested that an oil consumption test be performed at the next oil change. This was done and the test came out fine. About six weeks later I went on an 800 mile road trip and the engine light came on and I knew what the problem was. The oil didn't even show on the dipstick. Had to add two quarts and the thing only holds 3.4 quarts. If you buy one of these used make sure you get it cheap and keep the oil checked because the light doesn't come on until it is desperately low. Once the hybrid battery starts to decline you will lose a lot of mpg's too. Honda doesn't replace the battery unless it drops below 45%. Mine was at 75% and I had lost 10 mpg.

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