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Cherokee Limited V6 4x4 logo 9/3/2015 Brad

Aside from those who have had mechanical issues, I can't see any reasons to rag on this vehicle as mine has been nothing but a joy to drive. Though I am admittedly not crazy about the exterior appearance of the vehicle overall -- the pointy front fascia specifically, the experience from the drivers seat has been 5 star. The interior is upscale, the leather seats are very comfortable, the infotainment/Nav is more user friendly and as attractive as any other vehicle in the segment, and the backseat offers great space for a smaller SUV. The ride with the V6 is awesome -- It is cushy and smooth for an SUV so it feels luxurious but the cherokee has a great distinction of also handling tightly and being fun to drive (especially when using the "sport" mode). My EPA rating is 20/28 and with about 85% of my daily driving being city I am still able to average 23-24 miles per gallon -- and recently achieved 31 mpg on a 4 hour trip... way more than I had even hoped for in this age of vehicles typically not coming close to their EPA rating. From my experience I have to say that I highly recommend the Jeep Cherokee, an extremely versatile SUV. We are a family of three with an infant and a small dog --- this is a perfect vehicle for a small family.

Average Rating : 5


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