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Cherokee Trailhawk 3.2L - The dream SUV logo 7/6/2016 Gene W.

I have owned Jeeps for 45 years....CJ-5, CJ-7's (1975-2008), JK Wrangler's (2), etc, In Sep 2015 I bought a new 2016 Cherokee Latitude 3.2L for my wife but wound up driving it myself and selling my JK manual - we're getting older now and needed a Jeep that is more comfortable - she opted to keep her little car.. But there was something vaguely not quite right with the Latitude. It had no tow points (had to hook a tow rope to the suspension to pull a car out of the snow) didn't seem like a Jeep; it sat a little lower (though it had 18" low profile tires). It was more a sports car with Jeep characteristics. I was afraid to take it onto the beach - wasn't sure of the tires and with no tow points I had my doubts. So after just 5,000 miles and 7 months I went back to Jeep and test drove another Wrangler, both the JK and JKU. Though I'd had the equivalent since 1975, this time it just didn't work - I just didn't want to go back. So, I wound up buying a 2016 Cherokee Trailhawk 3.2L with every option available including tow package, full sun roof, leather with ventilated seats, sound group, etc. The tow package was key but the way the car sat, the ground clearance, the tires, everything was just balanced and perfect - a stunning Jeep; what a difference something as simple as 2" of ground clearance and 245 tires will make. This is the SUV I've been looking for for the last 5 years ever since my wife of 36 years first complained about being jolted around in the JK Wrangler. It will do everything I want it to do including rock crawl (I installed Rock Rails just in case I go to Moab though they're unlikely to be used). It rides, handles, stops, crawls, goes through snow, sand, mud, handles interstates beautifully. It has a beast of an 3.2 6 cal engine that makes it run like a mini-Porsche Carrera. This Jeep will be with me for many many years.

Average Rating : 5


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