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Chevrolet should be ashamed of these cars logo 8/23/2015 shadizar

The 2012 Malibu with the 2.4 engine is severely underpowered. It goes fairly well on a flat highway, until you need to pass or accelerate, and then the engine roars and the car doesn't go much faster. With four people inside and a trunk of suitcases, it is absolutely pathetic trying to climb a hill. The engine just will not pull the car up the hill! You will have better luck using the manual downshift because the transmission is never in the right gear and it has to be floored to downshift. Chevrolet should be ashamed of this cars "performance," or lack thereof. It's embarrassing when trying to climb a hill. I know these aren't performance cars but my 97 cavalier would zip right by this thing on any kind of incline. Dealership service team checked it over and reported engine was working properly and there were no repairs they could do to make it any better.Bad points: No power. Fuel economy is about 28 mpg at best. Brakes needed replacement at 30k. Wheel bearing failed at 30k. Tires worn down to nothing at 38k. Many recalls. Paint scratches very easily. Stereo sounds good but doesn't go very loud. Trunk opening small. Good points: Fairly quiet ride. Comfortable front seats. Warms up quick in winter. Goes well in snow.This car would be ok for a single driver with no passengers (as the more weight in the car the slower it goes... seriously its that underpowered.) And only then if most driving was on a flat road with few hills and small ones at that. I would not purchase it again. Very pricey and poor performance. My 2012 Cruze is twice the car this Malibu is!Update: 2/24/17The fuel economy on the Malibu has dropped to 24 MPG. The car has 56,000 well cared for miles, all service performed by dealer. It's nearly paid off and as soon as it is im getting rid of it. Very disappointed in this car. 24 MPG!?! Mostly highway driving as well.

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