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Chevys best kept secret logo 8/24/2015 Theodore_E

The only thing you should know about this car is that it's amazing! The price of the my 2015 was unbelievably cheap?! You know why? because it's a 6 speed manual transmission. Everyone wants an automatic which what car reviewers complain about. They say it's to laggy or non responsive. Not mine! The manual transmission is the best way to drive this vehicle. Offering low end torque for the inner city stop and go. Again just perfect for what I need to be.The 1.4L turbo charged engine is superb for suburban dwelling. It provides a very torquey feeling when applying more gas. My favorite thing about this car is the gas mileage! Try 26 city and 38 highway. A hybrid or electric car absolutely cannot beat the price of this four door gas saver. The interior is played up and has a very classy feel. The dash contains loads of info like average mpg, mph, distance till empty, and total miles. All in a tap of a button. The buttons for CD, music and radio can seem intimidating and cluttered at first. When you just read the controls you find out there's a button for everything instead of cycling through settings or menus. Easy enough. I have the LT trim and I still feel like a sub par luxury car.My only gripe about this car is the Bluetooth setting. You cannot synch your phone to the car to play music. Only phone calls. To play any kind of music you can use the CD player or an auxiliary cord! Cmon Chevy. Get with the times. No one uses cords anymore. This is the only feature that makes the car feel outdated. Also there is a plug in for electronics that enables you to charge your device(s) conveniently located behind the shift knob next to the emergency brake. Lastly there is one USB connection along with..... An auxiliary port in the center console.One thing to note is the driver leg room and entry. I'm 70" tall and when I try to get in, I've smacked my shin on the edge panel below the steering wheel. OUCH. The leg room leaves much to be desired. On longer straights or highway, I like to put it cruise control and lift my foot/leg off the pedal causing my knee to rest against the temperature knob setting. A little bit uncomfortable but not much to deter me from this car.Some of the highlights of this car is trunk room. By gosh it's huge. Best in class for a SEDAN. A hatchback will be better obviously. Aside from the 5 star safety ratings and ten airbags, this car is pretty safe. A telescoping steering wheel is standard which I enjoy. I know it's a bit scattered but this car is just overall really good.If your looking for a sedan that gets great gas mileage for under 20k then this car is for you. It has many trims to choose from to suit your needs. Chevy has done an excellent job and keeping up with its Japanese competitors. This just might be the next best thing for Chevy cars.

Average Rating : 5


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