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Cold Feet logo 3/5/2015 Carol Pastushok

I bought my 2014 subaru a little over a year ago. This past winter I really noticed how poorly the heat works. My feet and legs get so cold I'm tempted to put in a heating blanket. The service dept said..."Can't do anything...the heating system is weak"Also very noisy at highway speeds...can't listen easily to my audio books. Finally, some of these problems might be tolerable if the MPG was better than 23 using 87 octane. The service person said the computer says 26 MPG ??and it's winter.

Favorite Feature : Dashboard organized wth minimal distractions. Nice interior size and visibility.Good acceleration, though noisy.

Suggested Improvement : Improve floor heating. Better insulation to reduce highway/wind noise...this might even draft on feet.

Average Rating : 3.625


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