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Come on, Mazda! logo 7/31/2015 Christina

I purchased this car used with 46,000 miles on it ONE month ago. Yesterday the clutch pedal had no pressure and the gear box wouldn't let me select a gear (it's a manual). After having towed my two year old car to the dealership, we found out a cylinder was shot. Ok, not a huge's covered under warranty, right? WRONG! Mazda, how can a faulty cylinder not be covered by the power train warranty??? I mean, come on! We called Mazda customer service just to make sure the dealer wasn't being dishonest. We could barely believe it...there in the fine print was a huge bill for a two year old car. Makes me wonder what's yet to come.If you're going to make a car with this kind of dangerous vulnerability, at least back it with your warranty.

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