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Comfort and mechanical issues. logo 6/18/2016 Bruce Gross

Truck has great performance if you drive with ETC activated, does not get the MPG's as advertised averages; averaging 15 MPG around town. Has already been to the service department for an annoying chirping sound cuased by the engine mounted high pressure fuel pump; replaced the pump and have same issue, which toyota says is a normal characteristic of the vehicle. Premium technolgy package with JBL is worth the cost. My overall impression of the truck is not good the steering feels vauge on center and is unresopnisive; toyota should have applied the tundra's handling characteristics to the tacoma and it would be a home run. Overall i am not satisfied with a $37000 overpriced truck which drives and machanichly sounds like a cheap dodge caravan minivan squeeking and chirping down the road. Toyota should be ashamed of itself giving us this vehicle branded as a home run.

Average Rating : 4


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