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Comfortable, agile, manual transmission sedan logo 6/11/2017 Nicholas Keen

The car doesn't corner as flat as a BMW and doesn't have the most powerful engine at this trim level, but it is quite fast and toss-able on a country road. The slightly gruff, very responsive character of the non-turbocharged 4-cylinder has won me over. The engine loves to rev, feels alive and is your friend for a fast drive, as is the handling, which is agile and sure footed as long as you feed the car some power through fast corners -- if you lift off or are timid with it, it can get a bit twitchy and nervous. On balance I'd much sooner have this car with its absence of electronic add-ons, than an option-laden front-heavy V6 that is great for freeway acceleration but doesn't not have the balance of a four and is lumbered with an automatic transmission. Having come from European and U.S brands, it was great to get into a new car and have simply nothing wrong with it. Best points: engine performance; handling; steering; reliability; the standard halogen headlights are very effective -- really as good as HIDs; value for money; passenger space; San Marino Red color. Worst points, minor stuff but: stereo sounds boxy and tinny with a treble bias that can't really be dialed out (lessons to be learned from GM's ability to get decent balanced sound from a modest system); Bluetooth radio streaming sometimes fails -- may be the iPhone at fault; I'm not doubt in the minority on this but I would prefer a fully manual climate control system -- this one does not seem good at holding a comfortable temperature and airflow volume in winter when set to full auto with a setting of, say, 72 degrees (but summer A/C performance seems strong). Overall, this car does pretty much everything I care about very well and I am glad I bought it.

Average Rating : 5


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