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Comfortable car, but it's a money trap! logo 8/1/2015 Lora

We purchased the 2005 Volvo xc90 in 2011 when it was 6 years old for $9000 which is great compared to the original ticket price of $47,000 when it was new. We bought it knowing the the 3rd row seat would not fold down. Other than that it looked great. We averaged about 16-17 mpg combined. The car itself is very comfortable but after a year of owning it, the electrical system began to fail. The dashboard would turn off while driving, the radio broke, and the windows wouldn't stay up. When we took it into the volvo dealership, they kept it for almost two weeks and finally (rudely) told us they could not figure out what the problem was. They also told us the 3rd row seat may cost up to $1000 to repair. A year later, we had problems with the almost brand new brakes. We had to have them replaced as well as all four of the $200 tires because of uneven wear. Recently, after a routine visit to the mechanic, we found out the the power steering needed to be replaced as well as the heavily fogged over headlight lamps which would cost us $2000. That was the breaking point for us and we decided to trade it in. On the way to the dealership the brakes gave out. They hesitated to give us $1000 trade in. This vehicle has been a money trap. Although the car is a comfortable ride and has an attractive interior, it is not worth the investment. Stay away. There is a reason these xc90's don't hold their value.

Average Rating : 2


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