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Comfortable, reliable car with great mileage logo 8/19/2015 Kristina Wieland

I am very pleased with my 2014 Ford Focus. I get great gas mileage: 31 to 38 mpg in town with AC on and 41 to 48 mpg highway driving with AC on. I was a bit concerned with the slight shudder I sometimes get from the transmission when accelerating from a stop. The first service technician I talked to about this said it was 'normal' for the Focus. I found this explanation unsatisfactory. During another stop at the dealership, another technician explained the mechanics of the Focus transmission and then the shuddering made sense. With almost 17K miles on my car, it has proven to be very reliable, comfortable and economical. I will definitely be purchasing a Ford the next time I shop for a car.

Average Rating : 4


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