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Comfortable Roomy with Fantastic fuel economy logo 6/17/2017 Andrew Pierovich

Comfort, reliability and fuel economy are my main concerns. So when I shopped for a new car that's what I looked for. After owning 2 Hondas and 2 Acuras which were bullet proof I leaned towards Honda. I decided on the 2017 Accord hybrid and bought it new. Since then I've taken it on several long trips. Many cars after 3 to 4 hours leave you fatigued and usually an achy back. It has ample leg room and the steering wheel telescopes which lets you adjust the ergonomics exactly to your liking. This Accord has been the most comfortable car since I drove a Cadillac back in the 90s and those are renowned for being comfortable. The advertised mileage is 49/50. I'm not there yet but over the course of 6 months I'm averaging 41.3 city/hwy combined. About 80% of my driving is city. For a car that sits 5 and 4 comfortably this is amazing. My previous '03 Acura TL only averaged 16 mpg. The car uses a 4 cylinder engine assisted by two electric motors which give it extra boost during acceleration and give it great mileage. Their is some unwanted engine noise under hard acceleration but then this isn't a Lexus. Visibility all around is excellent and so is the backup camera. My only gripe with the car are the radio controls. I would prefer the old style dial buttons for volume and tuning. Lastly because gas is relatively cheap many people aren't interested in hybrids now which gives the buyer an advantage. I paid 28K plus tax.

Average Rating : 4


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