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Coming from a 99' Chevy Lumina logo 7/6/2016 John

Upgrading to this car from a ill-maintened Lumina was one of the best decisions ever. Then again, I've jumped quite a few years into the new-car-world. I've been owning the Forte LX for 4 months now, and to say the least, it's a great car. Not perfect... but great. It runs smoothly, quietly, and if you want, super fast. I was impressed at how the engine keeps it quiet, like the Toyota Prius's. However, after putting-in over 2,500 miles, the engine starts losing its futuristic engine sound. I'm a music enthusiast and I was extremely overwhelmed with the possibilities of connecting your phone/mp3 to the car via USB, AUX and Bluetooth. However, I am not impressed with the sound quality, but of course, that can be upgraded later in life. The windows are supposedly made to keep the heat out of the sun, but that's not quite accurate. It's like any other car window in its family. Trunk space is awesome! Fold down the seats, and you can practically sleep back there. All-in-all, the car does its job quite well. I forget sometimes to be grateful when I begin comparing it to other cars I should have bought instead.

Average Rating : 4


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