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Commuter on weekdays , Cabin bound on the weekends logo 6/18/2016 Mitch

Cant say enough about Honda Reliability. I drive an average of 50 miles round trip to work 5 days a week - 23 MPG (90 Highway/10 City). I have towed permanent fish houses on the lake, 16 foot fishing boat, snowmobile trailer loaded down up to my cabin 300 miles up North. It has started every time, and I experience Minnesota winters and summers. 153,000 miles on it and it doesn't skip a beat. Only thing replaced on it is timing belt, brakes, headlight bulbs. Just complete regular maintenance. Oil changes, transmission drain and fill, transfer case drain and fill and you will be good. Will buy!!! another one if mine ever dies. 153,000 and still going strong and I tow almost every weekend out of the year. The truck never sit for more than a day.

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