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Complete Slug logo 8/6/2015 Bob H

While the base engine reports to have 170+ Hp, you would never know it. The torque curve is horrible and all of it's power is at the top end. In addition, mine has the now infamous oil consumption problem that Subaru still claims is perfectly normal. My dealer has gone to filling with 5W-20 oil instead of the 0W-20 required just to prevent me from having to add a quart of oil every 2000 miles, or so. Not to mention that you are required to put full synthetic oil, 6 qts of it, in an oil change. The dealer charges $60 for an oil change and I still have to add two qts of oil (at nearly $10/qt) between changes. I change oil every 7500 miles and get hounded by the dealer to change at 3000 miles even though the manual suggests 10K miles. The stereo sounds like a 70's AM unit unless you are using the iPod input. Stereo capture is very poor. Speakers are poor quality.The interior is designed fairly well, but the use of cheap materials covers that up. Seats are generally comfortable, though. I bought the car for it's cost of ownership, as it does hold it's value well, but I cannot figure out why. Mostly because of the terrible engine, I will not buy another Subaru.

Average Rating : 2


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