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Confortable ride logo 5/31/2015 paulnbedford

Bought this van used back around 2004 with roughly 54,000 miles on it and I have to say it's surprised me for a Ford. It's actually be a reliable van. I had several people tell me not to buy one, but it's been a very good vehicle over the years. It's had the usual things, tires, brakes and the odd sensor or two go bad and need replacing, but over all it has been a good vehicle and never left me stranded. Like most Fords though it does seem to be plagued with recalls and electrical issues, now which I am starting to suffer from. Locks not starting to work, drivers window motor has been replaced several times and gauges starting to go crazy on me. The rear axle is problematic as they rust out in states where salt is used on the roads during Winter and supposedly they had "patched" mine, but got a notice from Ford saying the patch might not have been properly now. It does have 209k plus on it now though so it can't stay perfect forever and people can't expect these cars to stay that way anyway. It did break an engine/transmission mount which has made it undrivable now about 6 months ago. Have been trying to make up my mind if the cost of towing and work to be done would be worth it as I don't know if the trans has been damaged by this break. The engine was still running strong though and I was expecting to get another 100k out of it.

Average Rating : 4


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