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Converter/trans Shudder 4cyl 2014 1/2 Camry SE logo 4/8/2015 festus3

after owning well over a dozen Toyotas, I decide to purchase a new 14 1/2 Camry.I drove it less than 400 miles and it was shuddering (vibrating) so bad the windshield was moving. Wrecker had to tow it. Ask for refund, was offered another Camry identical to the 1st one and I took it. I drove 2nd 64 miles and the same thing happened again, although not as severe. Dealer replaced converter and ? to transmission. Go for arbitration and/or Lemon Law is the Toyota President's position. Please Ukier or any other person who has had experience with this, post comments and suggestions from your help me through this ordeal.. I am a very sr. citizen and this is really a problem for me.

Favorite Feature : Looks great. I just wish I had bought a V-6 like the 2012 I purchased new - No problems with it.

Suggested Improvement : I am trying to remain a gentleman about all of this stress, so I will refrain from comments here.

Average Rating : 2.125


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