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Couldn't be happier with this machine logo 8/23/2015 Cason VanDriel

We bought ours 15 months ago, but we've put 24,000 miles on it since we bought it. Couldn't be happier. Vehicle looks sensational. It performs flawlessly, and it is an absolute pleasure to drive. I'd been looking for a Lincoln Navigator, but when we saw the King Ranch interior, we were hooked. We had to look a while to find one in mint condition, but it was worth the wait. That leather is so beautiful! The car had 59,000 miles when I bought it, and I immediately ordered a set of WeatherTech floor mats to keep the pristine carpets in their excellent condition. I also purchased a Ford OEM transmission pan with a drain plug in it. I replaced all fluids with synthetic, and I hope to keep this car for many miles and years! We also found a set of mint 22" Harley Davidson F150 wheels for it. Looks sharp! Finally, we tinted the front windows to match the rear. The car has been very reliable. Not a single problem. Sound system is superb. DVD player has been used only once. I wanted to have it, just to have it, but we never use it. The middle row in ours has 2 bucket seats, and this feature is wonderful. It makes getting into the back seats very easy. One major feature of this vehicle that sold us on this over a Tahoe is the 3rd row seating...... the 3rd row occupants sit comfortably with plenty of leg room, and a flat floor. In a Yukon, their feet sit above the differential, and this makes for very awkward seating for all but small kids.In summary.... we've been totally impressed with our big Ford. I love cars and do all my own maintenance. I have been over every inch of this car, just to familiarize myself with it, and in my opinion, this is a very well built vehicle! Highly recommended.**Update after 49,000 miles of driving** - STILL totally pleased with this machine. Everything about it satisfies this fussy car guy. Dependability, Good Looks, Comfort, Durability, "Heft", Ease of Maintenance for a DIY guy. Has never let us down. I bought new brake pads for it after we'd had it for 30,000 miles (and wanted to change the fronts especially, since the front brake pads generate lots of red brake dust. However, on inspecting the brakes, realized that the front pads were still in such good shape that I'd live with the brake dust for a bit longer. Now, after nearly 50,000 miles, I'll change the front brakes soon, but not because they're worn out (and I don't know how many miles were on these pads before we bought the car but I suspect they'd just been done). I've never had the spark plugs changed, but I'm going to have it done at some point (I do ALL my own maintenance on my vehicles, but this is one I don't want to touch). This past winter, we had a lot of snow in the Pacific Northwest, and the 4WD of our Expedition was superb! This vehicle got us safely wherever we needed to go, while my 2WD mF350 dually sat like a rock in our driveway, unable to move an inch under its own power!) In summary, if you are reading this review because you're considering an Expedition as a family vehicle, take it from me, a car lover (and not necessarily loyal to any one brand)...... the Expedition offers excellent value for the money..... can't say enough good about this platform. You won't be disappointed.

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