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Could've had a V8!!!! logo 9/13/2015 Joy

I bought it used. Beautiful vehicle. Took it home decided to give it a a good wax job and to my surprise the rust was eating it up. I took it back to the dealership for help with this. Nothing, it has 54,000 miles on it and they told me to contact Lincoln. No help there either. About a year later, I receive safety recalls, rust corrosion because the 2008 was not sealed properly. So check your gas tank straps and cooling system for excessive corrosion. Took it for inspection, even the covering on my shocks are ate off by rust. The entire frame is extensively rusted. Lincoln said to have it inspected. I did. Yes it's extensive Ms dumbass for buying this vehicle, but no safety issues so nothing will be done. I call bullshit!! This vehicle has been nothing but a money pit. BEWARE!! I will never buy another FORD product.

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