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CR-V AC Condenser Rip-off!! logo 7/20/2015 Rebekah Conatser

I purchased a 2015 CR-V in April of 2015. I have always had Honda vehicles and have never been as disappointed as I am right now. On this past Friday afternoon, I got into my CR-V in 96 degree weather and my AC was not working. I immediately called Honda and made an appointment for the following morning. When I got home, my husband, who is a mechanic, checked it out just to see. He said the compressor was working and the belts were all running. So the sensor was sensing freon. Well we got to Honda the next morning, waited for 2 long hours, for them to say a rock or something hit my condenser and all my freon leaked out. And, of course, MY WARRANTY DOESN'T COVER IT. It will cost me $400 to replace all of this. They did offer a $100 discount since the car was so new, however, I asked how a dent in my condenser that is smaller than a dime could take out my AC in the 3 months I've had it. They said the condenser is made out of aluminum and is very fragile. There is NOTHING guarding this on the front of my car. I called the Honda Customer Service in my warranty book. The woman I spoke with flat out refused to reimburse me as well. I understand that an act of nature CAUSED this. However, if the condenser had been made out of stronger material or had protection covering it, this would never have happened!! I should not have to be replacing my AC after having my car for 3 months!!!

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