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Craziest Cars: The Wildest 2014 SEMA Show Cars

Motor Trend logo Motor Trend 11/10/2014 Zach Gale, Erick Ayapana

The 2014 SEMA Show was bursting at the seams with modified vehicles. There were good builds. There were questionable builds. And then there were those that were just plain bonkers. Here, we take a look at 10 examples of the latter.


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Boombox on Wheels

Accele Electronics Cart© Provided by MotorTrend Accele Electronics Cart What would Fred Flintstone drive if he got tired of running? Probably this thing that was on display at the Accele Electronics booth. It's essentially a golf cart that's been converted to a boombox on wheels, which also features an entertainment system that Bamm-Bamm Rubble would likely enjoy.

Tron Audi R8 at the LLumar Window Film booth

2014 SEMA Craziest Cars© Provided by MotorTrend 2014 SEMA Craziest Cars Built by West Coast Customs, the Tron R8 is beautifully over the top, with a chrome paint finish as well as color-changing LEDs in the front grille, on those amazing wheels, and even inside the car. We wish the project car maintained the contrast between the paint finish and the side blade styling feature that visually references the car's mid-engine layout, but regardless, this one is as crazy as an R8 can get.

Chevrolet Camaro by Starr Alloy Wheels

Chevrolet Camaro by Starr Alloy Wheels© Provided by MotorTrend Chevrolet Camaro by Starr Alloy Wheels Presenting the Chevrolet Camaro SUV. Prepared by Starr Alloy Wheels, a company known for experimenting with outrageous wheels, this Camaro has 34-INCH WHEELS. Enough said.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS "854"

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 854© Provided by MotorTrend 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 854 Apparently Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk wasn't the only one working on a dual-motored car. Mr. Gary Higginbotham showed off this beast of a Camaro that's rocking two 7.0-liter LSX V-8 engines combined with a NOS system that reportedly pumps out around 1500 hp. Cah-razy indeed.

2015 Lexus NX 200t by 360 Elite Motorsports

2014 SEMA Craziest Cars© Provided by MotorTrend 2014 SEMA Craziest Cars Remember how Lexus purposefully overstyled the NX concept to provoke controversy? Well meet the Project NX F Sport at the 2014 SEMA show. Fitted with 21-inch wheels, the overdone Artisan Spirits body kit almost makes the NX look more hatchback than crossover and, in case you're wondering, that paint from Foreign Auto Body is called Molten Pearl.

Toyota Corolla on DUBs

2014 Toyota Corolla on DUBs© Provided by MotorTrend 2014 Toyota Corolla on DUBs This Corolla wasn't at the Toyota booth, but was outside surrounded by big trucks and flashy exotics. I probably would've overlooked this Corolla riding on DUBs if it weren't for its green and mustard, matte-finish wrap.

Toyota Corolla With Pseudo-Firebird Hood Decal

2014 Toyota Corolla Neon Green© Provided by MotorTrend 2014 Toyota Corolla Neon Green I can always count on SEMA's accessories hall for wacky stuff, and this year didn't disappoint. This black Corolla is sporting neon green decals used on the edges of body panels, bumpers, door guards, and side view mirror caps. It's topped off with a hood decal that appears to be a modern take on the graphic that graced the hoods of second-gen Pontiac Firebirds.

BMW Z4 by Ivan Tampi Customs

2014 SEMA Craziest Cars© Provided by MotorTrend 2014 SEMA Craziest Cars This wide-body BMW Z4 convertible stood out, though not necessarily in a good way. Then again, polarizing reactions are exactly what the owner of a car like this will want, and it's likely a show-stopper almost everywhere except the 2014 SEMA show. With a wide-body kit, the Z4 also had an especially elaborate integrated spoiler lid.

Infiniti G37 Convertible by Arlon Graphics

2014 SEMA Craziest Cars© Provided by MotorTrend 2014 SEMA Craziest Cars It was tough to walk past this special G37 hardtop convertible on the edge of one of the 2014 SEMA show halls without stopping -- and the company also displayed a modified Tesla Model S. Wearing a Florescent Yellow wrap (with a greenish tint), the slammed Infiniti had oversized black wheels for the ultimate in contrast, and a matching yellow Infiniti badge.

Toyota "Sleeper" Camry

2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper© Provided by MotorTrend 2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper Drag cars are crazy. A drag car wrapped in the body shell of a stock-looking 2015 Toyota Camry SXE is even crazier, and that's exactly what Toyota surprised us with at this year's SEMA show. It should be fun and interesting to see this out on the track.

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Craziest Cars of SEMA Show© Provided by MotorTrend Craziest Cars of SEMA Show

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