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"Cry wolf" tire light and redundant warning screen logo 9/7/2015 Jyoti Naik

I bought the 2014 model because I needed an AWD in central NY snow. I like to wait a year to post reviews because I want to really get to know my car.PROs - Reliable, comfortable, functional, gas mileageCONS - After starting the car, it takes several screens of warnings before I get to my GPS and punch in my destination. Why? FIrst a screen about the satellite for 60 seconds. What is stupid warnings like "Driver is responsible for operation of vehicle" warning? Really? The DMV thinks so. When will you Honda? Duh! WHy don't you have me sign a release when I buy the car so I don't have to look at this every single time I start my car. Takes 30 seconds AFTER you hit OK for the next screen.T hen comes a screen saying your phone is connected for another 30 seconds.Malfunctioning tire pressure light since the day I bought it. Dealership cannot fix it. This is so stressful when you are driving in bad weather because I can't tell if this time the light is for real or just faking it.Poor radio reception. I get 2 stations while all my neighbors get 6 or 8 stationsGPS navigation is not intuitive like other cars. Needs too many clicks to get your destination or to find your address book. Screen is invisible when sun shines on it. Need anti glare screen. it takes several screens of warnings before I get to my GPS and punch in my destination. Why?Salem dealership is not knowledgeable. Did not fix my shuddering brakes. Just told me to keep driving and it would go away which it has not.Cruise control has 5 - 10 miles/hr variance on hills after I have set it. This could result in a speeding ticket!Motor is very loud while driving

Average Rating : 3


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