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CUDOS to INFINITI - they got it right! logo 5/22/2015 ooty74

After almost 3 years of ownership I am very pleased with my Infiniti M37 Sport (now called Q70). It's beautiful, I've had NO mechanical problems and it's a blast to drive. CONSUMER REPORTS was right when they recommended it over the MB E350 and the BMW 5's for 4 straight years (2011-2015). Unlike other car magazines that publish reviews based on the advertising they receive from car manufacturers CONSUMER REPORTS bases their evaluation on 50 objective tests. The M37 is so dependable that it's recommended as a used luxury car by CR. It's a perfect blend of reliability, performance and luxury. Before I bought the M37 I drove both the Mercedes E350 2 door Sport and BMW 5 series. I was not impressed. Both offered cachet names but not much else for the high price. The BMW was not the BMW of my father's generation. The handling was lackluster and the interior was high grade plastic and vinyl (seats). The MB E350 sport was small,had a VERY rough ride and the seats were VERY uncomfortable. Like the BMW the interior was a mixture of plastic and vinyl (leatherette?). IMHO these cars are unacceptable for the $60,00.00 list price. By contrast the M37 Sport was exactly the car that CONSUMER REPORT predicted it would be. The Infiniti was VERY, VERY AGILE and handled much better than the cachet names. The seats were not vinyl but were beautifully double stitched leather. Also the ride was surprisingly better than the more expensive Mercedes E350 sport. Infiniti got it right when they designed this car. I'm very pleased with the M37. I've gotten many complements on my car. It does evoke an unsolicited "WOW" response from many people and I do catch a number of TESLA owners gazing at my car. I've been down to the dealership earlier this year and saw the new version of the M37. It's apparently the same car with new body work. A very handsome design.Conclusion: don't place your trust solely in car magazine/car website reviews. I have purchased many cars over the past 30 years based my decisions on CR's recommendations and have never been disappointed ...... my advise do a lot of reading and do some driving

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