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CUE the chorus, "We Love Our XTS VSport Platinum!" logo 8/19/2015 NormV

The XTS VSport Platinum impresses everyone insight or it. It has the fuel economy on the highway(32.2 mpg, two way average for 6 hours each direction with cruise set at 65 mph), beautiful ride, but firm enough to throw it into a turn and the hydraulic steering holds the intended course. The power is phenomenal and always available when you need it. The amenities are the cherry on the cake, including the flawless CUE.Currently working on an ecu tune close to 550 lb-ft through it's AWD. The fiancé says, "it just goes!".-------Not much new to report. A new set of 18" wheels with set of Pilot snow tires and shutting off the stability control has a new meaning on snow covered roads. The torque vectoring does wonders in rotating the VSport with the throttle on the white stuff. Over all, even with the lighter 18" wheels, the ride is stiff. The in-laws come out of 10-15 year old Toyota's with clapped out suspensions find the ride too sporty. But they find the rear heated seats inviting when they can figure out the touch screen controls. I'm thinking it needs more bark to match the 550+ lbs bite. So maybe a rear nmuffler upgrade.

Average Rating : 5


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